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Attitude & motivation

It has been reported that children using Six Bricks display higher levels of engagement during activities. The 'fear' linked to initiating activities linked to learning is decreased as they enjoy solving problems and tackling new tasks with the bricks. Due to the joyful experience linked to Lego products, children are more likely to persist in the face of difficulties.

Plan, focus, shift attention

During activities, children display increased levels of concentration and distractions are not as enticing. They begin to monitor their own progress and seek assistance only when needed as they develop a sense of 'can do'. They begin to plan their own tasks, targets and goals as they develop their own ways of carrying out tasks. All this is linked to the development of language to express their thought patterns as they work through the problems they encounter.


Because of the joyful environment, conducive to learning, that is established by adding a Lego product to the learning activity, children develop their confidence and will begin to verbalise what they have made, explain how they made it and express what they have learned by using the bricks as a visual prompt. 

Children using Six Bricks will...

...display enhanced listening skills

...use previously taught strategies

...use previously heard language for purpose

...display awareness of own strengths and weaknesses

...make reasoned choices and decisions

...reflect on learning

...negotiate when and how to carry out tasks

...resolve social problems with peers, share & take turns independently

...engage in independent, cooperative activities with peers

...be aware of feelings of others, helps and comforts

Introduction to Six Bricks

Our Introduction to Six Bricks Webinars run  regularly. They are delivered in the form of live, online sessions with Shayne Moodie, an Internationally Certified Six Bricks Facilitator. 

If you would like to find out more about how to implement Six Bricks into daily learning experiences and what the programme has to offer, this is a must do webinar.

Level 1 & 2 Six Bricks

Level 1 & 2 is an accredited certificate.

During Level 1 and 2 participants will:

❤️Spend a minimum of 4 hours online with Shayne Moodie

🧡Receive materials to enhance the programme

💛Receive printable, ready to use materials

💚Complete approximately 1 hour of independent tasks

🩵Link to Alumni Platform with regular updates of materials

💙Receive an accredited Level 1 & 2 certificate


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