Play Box

Play to learn!

The power of play!

There is no educational practice that stimulates children more than learning through play. They become completely immersed in the experience and begin to develop and master skills at a level that exceeds our expectations.

The Duplo Play Box programme has taken the internationally acclaimed learning through play agenda and linked an everyday resource, known to engage children, to a learning experience by integrating activities, that further benefit the child, into their play.


The main Developmental Areas that the Play Box Programme develops are:


This programme is suitable for you to engage very young children and can be used effectively with older children, as well as children with special educational needs. The size of the blocks makes it easy for children to handle them and they begin to develop abstract thinking by building outside of the field of vision. 


The resource lends itself to open-ended learning experiences that allow for valuable teaching and learning opportunities by supporting learning through play.


The Play Box Programme is not a stand-alone curriculum but supports any learning through play and playful learning agenda or scheme of work. The activities are inclusive in nature, celebrate diversity and stimulate innovation.

The power of building!

When afforded the opportunity to build, children are given the ownership of their thinking and learning from a young age. Educational activities within the Play Box Program are designed to promote holistic learning experiences and aim to make the most out of the bricks while offering fun and engaging experiences. 

Here are some key educational concepts commonly associated with Play Box:

Free Play

Sensory Play

Collaborative Play

Thematic Play



Critical thinking


Perceptual skills

Early Literacy Skills

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

Math Concepts

STE(A)M experiences

Creative innovation

21st Century Skills