Play Box

21st Century Skills

Collaboration & Communication

Play Box encourages collaboration and communication among children as they work together to build something. They learn to share ideas, negotiate, and work as a team to achieve a common goal.

Creativity & Imagination

Play Box provides open-ended play opportunities where children can use their imaginations to build anything they desire. This fosters creativity as they experiment with different designs and ideas.

STEM Concepts

Although LEGO offers sets specifically designed to teach STEM concepts, many activities that can be created with Duplo Play Box nurture the embedding of STEM skills from a young age. Children are introduced to basic engineering principles, as well as concepts such as symmetry and geometry.

Fine Motor Skills

Manipulating the bricks helps develop fine motor skills in children, enhancing their dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Persistence & Resilience

Building with Duplo elements requires patience and perseverance. Children learn to keep trying, even if they encounter setbacks or difficulties, which helps develop resilience.

Critical Thinking

Through building challenges and activities, Play Box promotes critical thinking skills as children analyse problems, plan strategic solutions, and evaluate their choices.


Using the Duplo elements to build towards an end goal involves problem-solving skills as children figure out how to construct structures and make their creations work. They learn to overcome challenges and think critically.

Digital Literacy 

Play Box can be linked to digital literacy through products available directly from Lego or alternative sources available online.

Global Awareness & Cultural Understanding

By using Play Box activities and tweaking them to link to important days in the United Nations Global Calendar or celebrations from different cultural groups, children are afforded the opportunity to explore the world in which they live. 


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